We offer a wide range of Chiropractic Therapies

electrical muscle stimElectrical muscle stimulation uses an electrical current to a cause one or a group of muscles to contract. Electrodes are positioned on the skin in specific locations in an effort to recruit the appropriate muscle fibers.  In addition to increasing muscle strength, the contraction of the muscle(s) can also promote increased blood supply to the area thereby assisting in the healing process.

lower-back-pain-treatment-heat-therapyHeat therapy is typically used to relax muscles, increase circulation and reduce pain.  By dilating the blood vessels of the affected muscles they begin to relax and fresh nutrients are brought to the healing area.  In addition, heat often reduces the pain signals going to the brain, thereby making the healing process more comfortable.

ice therapyIce therapy is typically used with an acute injury (sports, sprain/strain, trauma) when inflammation results in the area.  Ice causes the veins in the affected tissue areas to constrict.  Ice usually helps to reduce swelling/inflammation, reduce pain and irritation.

SPECIAL NOTE:  ice & heat therapy can both interfere with circulation. Those individuals suffering from:  an immune compromise disease, circulatory problems, serious diseases and the elderly should never use ice or heat therapy unless they are certain it’s appropriate and safe. When in doubt your physician should be consulted

ultrasound therapyTherapeutic ultrasound is a form of deep heat therapy which uses heated sound waves to apply energy to soft tissues and joints. Our therapists will use a small, hand-held wand to induce the ultra sound into a specific area.