Surgery, Medicine, or Chiropractic Care? Dr. Cohen in Lake Worth Gives You The Numbers.

Do you want to gamble with your life?

Maybe your lower back has been hurting or you’re experiencing headaches or leg problems. So you go to your medical doctor and they prescribe you some pills that mask the symptoms. Turns out the drugs didn’t fix the problem and they suggest you go for surgery. Whoa scary, there’s going to be a long recovery time, high risks of failure, and lots expenses, but did they ever mention chiropractic care?… You know the people who are experts on your back and spine? Probably not.

Well let me throw some stats your way in case you’re looking to go forward with a medical or surgery procedure:

  • Findings by the Wellmark Blue Cross and Blue Shield saw that patients who received non-invasive chiropractic care paid less, and about 89 percent of all patients receiving physical medicine services reported improvement of at least 30 percent within 30 days!


  • A study done by the Journal of Patient Safety estimated that in 2014 somewhere between 210,000 and 440,000 patients were associated with preventable harm from hospital care that contributed to their death.



Quite a record by medical doctors, can’t imagine why they wouldn’t mention chiropractic care? Let us continue:


  • A survey done by Consumer reports evaluated feedback from 14,000 subscribers and found that 59 percent of patients were “highly satisfied” with the chiropractic care they received, the report also states that 54 percent of patients found chiropractic exercise to be extremely beneficial


  • Compared to going under the knife, more than half of patients that went through back surgery reported at least one problem with recovery, even taking longer and being more painful than they anticipated, ouch.


  • 16 percent of patients actually said that the pain in their back didn’t improve after surgery, and 50 percent said it actually grew worse!

The statistics go on for days, what you need to know is that at Dr. Cohens Advantage Chiropractic & Sports Rehab we will not sell you drugs to mask the pain while your condition worsens, nor will we suggest surgery then hope for the best. What we are here to do is find the problem you’re experiencing and treat it.

Next time you’re in a consultation with your medical doctor due to back pain – after you waited for an hour in the waiting room – maybe ask them why they haven’t suggested chiropractic care?

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