Sports injuries are serious.

Our team of professional care providers can help you minimize the risk of sports injuries by appropriate fitness and rehabilitation programs. If you are unfortunate enough to become injured, a sport-specific treatment plan will be developed by Dr. Cohen. Utilizing the most state-of-the-art rehab equipment, our sports trainer, acupuncturist, and team of massage therapists will all work together to accelerate your recovery. Our goal is in providing sports-injury care to safely return you to the field (or court!) as quickly as possible. Below is a list of common sports and their associated injuries often seen in our office.


sports injuriesTENNIS

Over one-third of tennis players can expect to experience tennis elbow at some point during their lifetime. These sports injuries are most often the result of overuse of the wrist extensors at the lateral epicondyle. Players will experience tenderness on the outside of the elbow with aching pain in the back of the forearm. Pain is made worse with continued use and specific movements which, especially with the one-handed backhand stroke. Because Dr. Cohen is, himself, a skilled tennis player, his practice is exceptionally athlete friendly.


sports injuriesGOLF

Golfers often experience multiple injuries; “golfer’s elbow” being the most frequently experienced among them. This condition is most commonly caused by overuse of the common flexor muscles. Pain is located on the inside of the elbow and made worse with specific movements of the wrist, elbow and arm. Often the injury is due to excessive driving, by mis-hitting or striking the ground. In throwing sports the same injury is referred to “little league elbow,” and it may be related to repetitive stresses in the same area of the elbow.


sports injuriesRUNNING

Running is a major component of many athletics, and therefore accounts for many sports injuries that can prohibit further participation. Training errors is one of the chief reasons for injury further compounded by mechanics of the individual running style. Inadequate or poorly chosen foot wear is also a contributing factor to injury. Injuries frequently seen in our office include planter fasciitis, shin splints, stress fractures, knee problems and iliotibial band syndrome.


sports injuriesSOCCER

Soccer is the most popular sport in the world, and has the most sports injuries, as well, caused by direct contact with a player, the ball, or the ground. The most frequent injury is contusion to the ankle, knee or shin.




sports injuriesVOLLEYBALL

As participation in volleyball has increased over the past two decades, the number of volleyball-related sports injuries has risen as well. While volleyball injuries rank lowest for all major sports, players are at risk for both traumatic and overuse injuries. Players are prone to injuries in the shoulder, specifically rotator cuff because of repetitive overhead motions, such as spiking and blocking. Volleyball players are also prone to ankle, knee, and ligament sprains from the jumping and hitting motions.


sports injuriesBASKETBALL

Basketball is one of the most popular sports in the United States and the world. Whether you are playing for the neighborhood championship or the NBA title traumatic injuries are common.  A vast majority of basketball injuries are a result of to overuse or on court trauma. Few sports require the level of twisting, running and jumping combinations as there is in basketball and consequently this leads to ankle, knee, leg and other sports injuries.


sports injuriesBASEBALL

Baseball exposes players to both the risk of collision injuries and overuse trauma. The three stages of the throwing action subject the elbow to specific, repetitive stresses, which can result in very serious sports injuries.



sports injuriesFOOTBALL

Football is now an international sport with the size, weight and speed of the athletes constantly growing.  Because the intent of the sport is “collision” injury most often occurs from the force generated at the time of impact.  Sports injuries most commonly occur to the knee, ankle, thigh, neck and shoulder.


sports injuries


Recent research indicates that senior citizens and especially the newly retired “Baby Boomers” wish to stay active during their retirement years.   While speed and agility may have diminished, the desire to stay fit is critical for a productive life.   Medical literature also supports that many of the effects of aging may be reversed with fitness training. Whether you are just trying to maintain status quo, recover from an injury or enhance performance, we establish a plan for reaching your health goals.