You have reached the Services page, your source for a distinctive overview of the available forms of chiropractic treatment under Dr. Cohen’s care. As you know, each Doctor of Chiropractic has individualized areas of expertise and interest, and therapy can vary greatly, depending on whose chiropractic advice you seek. Start your search for chiropractic treatment right here, on our Services page.


Because chiropractic treatment and therapy philosophies differ from doctor to doctor, our Services page is designed to provide you, our loyal patient, with useful knowledge about the broad range of services we offer- in particular, the services which supplement the traditional chiropractic treatments we provide at Advantage Chiropractic and Sports Rehab. Top-notch chiropractic care, as you know, includes spinal adjustments- but it also relies on alternative, more subtle forms of “adjusting.” Included among these subtle forms of adjustment are making healthy lifestyle choices. We consider healthy lifestyle practices to be an integral part of our therapy regimen. By incorporating the specific lifestyle choices addressed by Dr. Cohen, your health will, invariably, take a turn for the better.


At Advantage Chiropractic and Sports Rehab, we work hard to bring hands-on therapy techniques into our daily conversations with patients. By providing patients with the skills they need to use chiropractic services, chiropractic treatment will continue to grow; wellness, then, could almost be considered contagious!


We value the long-term promotion of chiropractic treatment and have taken it upon ourselves to provide you, our patient, with as much information as we can about the kind of quality care we offer. It makes us proud to share our expertise about therapy with the community. Our commitment to education and outreach gives our chiropractic practice excellent standards, and helps us feel connected to the community.


We feel certain that you will find our Services page to your liking. As always, if you are left with any questions about the kinds of services we offer, please do not hesitate to contact our office directly. Our therapy associates would love to hear from you.

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