posture analysis

posture analysisGood posture is a good habit that contributes to the well-being of the individual.  At Advantage Chiropractic and Sports Rehab every patient is given a thorough postural screening. The structure and function of the body provides all the potentialities for attaining and maintaining good posture. Faulty posture is not only an aesthetic problem but can lead to pain and even disability.

Many common medical conditions can be associated with faulty body mechanics.  Conditions such as low back pain, neck pain, musculoskeletal problems and athletic performance can be affected by poor posture.

Living in highly specialized society our bodies are subjected to a high incidence of static and dynamic forces, the cumulative effect of repetitive patterns at work, school and home all contribute to postural stresses placed on the body.

Our patients are educated in the mechanics of the body and its response to every day stresses.  After a thorough examination a specific treatment plan is developed to restore and preserve good body mechanics. The doctor and his therapists initially will do a comprehensive biomechanics evaluation and investigate any underlying influences on the patient’s posture.  Once complete, a detailed program of correction and prevention is initiated.


We partner with PostureCo to work with our patients to get the best results.