For Your Health: Degenerative Disc Disease

Suppose you have been experiencing episodes of back or neck pain for a few days, maybe you’ve felt a loss of strength or some arm numbness in your fingers. You could have degenerative disc disease, a very common cause of lower back and neck pain which happens due to the wear and tear of  discs in the spine.

The term “degenerative” is just medical jargon used to describe the naturally occurring decay of these discs through, aging, work, exercise, and a lifetime of abuse to the body. The disc is a small shock absorber that lays between the vertebrae, it contains a nucleus like jelly in a donut, and the outside is composed of cartilage. Any repetitive trauma, from jogging on a sunny beach, to laying marble tile at work can at times cause the nucleus to move from its center and push against cartilage or nerves.disc problems

As with any medical issue you have a few options

  1. Do nothing: Allowing the problem to worsen as you continue to go about your daily activities. No treatment now could be costly in future.
  2. Take drugs: Throwing money at prescription medicine will mask the symptoms and pain but not fix the problem itself. Sadly, drugs do not hold medical degrees and will not sit down with you and explain the necessary steps to correct behavior and  advise you on the do’s and don’ts in everyday life. 
  3. Surgery: While always an option, this invasive procedure has a success rate of about 50%. Going under the knife definitely has risks.  Recovery times can be months or even years, the problem may not be fixed and could in fact worsen. Work and social activities can be ruined. There’s also risk of scar tissue buildup which could worsen the problem. As with any surgical procedure there is also the risk of death.
  4. Chiropractic care: Through chiropractic care we treat the problem through safe, natural and proven techniques which help heal the disc with little or no risk to the patient.   

Through the use of special chiropractic decompression tables and our one-on-one care; which includes guidance on proper posture, dieting and strengthening exercises, you will retain independence with minimal change in your lifestyle.

If you are experiencing any neck or back pain and would like to get rid of it, contact us immediately through this website or call my office at 561-967-1950.


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