disc problems

Disc Problems

Disc problems are very common in our society.  The 23 discs in our spine function to separate one vertebra from another, thereby helping to allow motion and proper function of the spine.  The inside of the disc contains the nucleus (think of it as the jelly in a donut) and the outside is composed of cartilage.  Over time and often due to traumas, the nucleus begins to move from its center of the vertebrae and push against the cartilage.  This can result in what is commonly referred to as a bulging or herniated disc, which in turn puts pressure on the nerve and causes pain.


All populations are susceptible to injury but unfortunately those individuals involved in accidents, heavy labor intensive jobs and contact sports are more at risk.  Injuries can result in pain, tingling and numbing of the affected area.  If the pressure is not reduced, permanent nerve damage can result.


Most patients do not want epidurals that just mask the pain or a risky operation on their spine.   In our office we specialize in disc problems using the Cox Technique and special adjustment tables.  Through intense treatment we have been able to avoid surgery in almost 100% of our patients with disc problems.

In    2015  only  1 patient had surgery.