carpal tunnelThis condition occurs when there is an injury to the wrist resulting in irritation and dysfunction of the nerve.  Some common causes of injury to the wrist include repetitive motions such as working on a computer, texting, and vibratory/repetitive motions.  Combined with spinal problems this can lead to a condition called carpal tunnel syndrome.

The major nerve controlling the thumb, index and part of the middle finger is the median nerve.  This nerve travels from the wrist to neck.  Problems can occur anywhere along its path resulting in CTS.

The tunnel itself is formed by bones in the wrist.  Through the tunnel passes tendons, arteries, lymphatic vessels and the median nerve.  If the tendon size increases from inflammation or the tunnel size decreased because of mechanical dysfunction of the carpal bones, the median nerve can get entrapped.  Pain, numbness, paresthesia and tingling of the fingers can result.

Conservative treatment of chiropractic adjustments, special bracing and specific home care exercises can often normalizes structure and reduce nerve irritation.