Back Pain is the second leading reason patients give for visiting physicians.  Years of abuse to ones back results in musculoskeletal dysfunction and consequently a change in lifestyle.


Many adults and children suffer from low back pain which can be attributed to problems first evident in the growth period and daily life activities.  As we age we tend to aggravate our backs from daily activities.  Today almost everyone has a cell phone and a computer.  Hours are spent looking down and consequently neck pain, headaches, eye strain and host of other problems are created.  Unfortunately, working years at heavy labor with frequent bending, twisting, pulling and pushing make us prone to injury.  Of course auto, work and sport accidents, childbearing  and other physiological factors  cause trauma to the spine.

no one has to live with pain 


What Can a Doctor of Chiropractic Do?


There is no “quick fix” for low back pain and taking pain killing drugs only masks the problem.  Chiropractic therapy seeks to identify the cause of the problem and initiate a program of correction for the patient.  Through safe, precise spinal adjustments the doctor of chiropractic initiates process of spinal correction.  With no drugs, no epidurals and no surgical intervention, millions of patients have found relief from chiropractic care.




Neck pain is a condition that demands immediate attention due to the sensitivity of the area and the difficulties that are presented when one’s mobility is limited.  The seven vertebrae support the full weight of your head which is on an average is about 12 pounds.  Flexibility permits the cervical spine to move your head in multiple directions.  Unfortunately, while this large range of motion is useful, it often leads to stress being placed on the neck while in awkward positions, resulting in pain and muscle spasms.


The cervical spine is very vulnerable to injury due in part to biomechanics.  Extended sitting, falls, accidents, everyday repetitive movements, normal aging and everyday wear and tear all affect the health of the cervical spine.


In order to treat your neck pain the cause needs to be known because it directly impacts your treatment options. Daily Life stresses and emotional tension are major contributors to muscle tightness and pain.